Hi, I'm Meher

An intuitive designer, community-builder and leader, leveraging creative and data-driven solutions to bring clarity to the world around us.
My Work/About Me

Overview of my work

Recently, I led design on the Buyer Ads Experience team at Etsy, launching impact-driven and human-centered features to over 96 million buyers and supporting seller growth. Previously, I designed products for consumer facing experiences at Pivothealth.com under the Healthcare.com umbrella, Jackpocket, and Zola. Detailed case studies available upon request.

Etsy 2022-2023

New Ad Treatment Strategy and Vision

From 2022-2023, the Etsy Ads department focused on seller growth. Buyer Ads Experience (my team) supported this goal by launching a second ad format in the buyer experience and introducing New Ad Treatments, providing sellers with additional ways to promote their items. Overall, these formats drove revenue by 12% and post-click conversion rate by 28%.

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Etsy 2023

Quick Shop on Search

The Quick Shop feature enables buyers to hover over an image on the Search page and open an overlay, allowing them to quickly scan and evaluate an item. This provides just enough context for them to feel confident in their discovery and purchasing journey. I led this cross-functional collaboration across three partnering teams in design, research, and experimentation to successfully launch the feature.

Pivot Health, 2020

Increasing Conversion of Return Users

Designing an experience to improve monetization of returning users through experimentation and understanding their previous behaviors. This initiative focuses on improving the recommendation engine to give the users curated Quote results.


More about me

My natural affinity to problem solve coupled with my love for creative solutions enables me to see data points as human stories, from a bird's eye view. I focused on building buyer trust and amplifying seller growth at Etsy, for over 96 million buyers, designing revenue-driving features that achieved 164% of the ad revenue goal with a 29% increase in post-click conversion rate.

Living in six countries has enriched my multicultural perspective, enhancing my ability to facilitate and collaborate with a customized, empathetic approach.
I spent ten months working in Guatemala in 2019, designing for growth while identifying and creating processes to close the cultural communication gaps between the tech, product, data and design teams.

When I was younger, I helped connect 500 likeminded youth in Dubai for a social change NPO, independently started two businesses and successfully sold my jewelry designs to Forever21, and dedicated time to helping education efforts for young girls at an orphanage in India.

More recently, I spoke to an audience of 180k+ at Figma's Annual Design conference about Design as a catalyst to organizational rituals, connection, and delight, got featured on Apartment Therapy, and started an Etsy shop of handmade items, supplying them to boutique stores in NY.

When I'm not playing with pixels, you can find me indulging in other creative hobbies like refurbishing furniture, sketching, and writing about design 🎨, curating playlists for every mood, exploring restaurants, or having a solo dance party.

If you've made it this far and would like to connect, I'd love to hear from you. Please reach me on mehergoel@gmail.com 👋🏽